Lean Manufacturing

Tulip Richardson Manufacturing is committed to continuous improvement and is dedicated on the never ending journey of innovation, sustainability and the goal to meet or exceed the customer expectations. TRM has implemented these standards companywide through Lean Manufacturing.



Absence of waste



Total product cycle time

Time to convert raw material into finish goods

Value added

Anything a customer requires in the form of product or service

Non value added

Anything not required by a customer

Training and Development

Eyes for waste

Learning to identify waste

Value stream mapping

Learning to map the current state value stream from supplier through customer service, measure total product cycle time, calculate value added and non-value added; then identify a future state with improvements and calculate new total product cycle time

Continuous improvement

Learning standardized processes as the foundation for continuous improvement

Problem solving

Learning to define the problem, gather, measure and analyze the data; implement corrective actions, standardize and sustain

Problem solving tools

5 why, fishbone, check sheet, control chart, histogram, pareto chart, scatter chart, flow diagrams, risk assessment, FMEA, PFMEA, PDCA, bench marking, brainstorming