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Job Description

Job Title: Controls Engineer

Job Function: Engineering

Reports to: Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Position Summary: Responsible for maintaining and improving manufacturing operations through the use of PLC’s, HMI’s, robotics, and vision systems.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Design and build of controls for automated manufacturing equipment.
  • Programming of robotics, vision, plc, and operator interface systems.
  • Research of applicable products and working with suppliers to find solutions to improve automation.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs automation and controls problems on all plant and facility equipment using prints and documentation when available.
  • Assists with creation and selection of capital investment projects requiring electrical controls and automation and assists with installation of automation equipment.
  • Creates documentation for controls systems including electrical schematics.
  • Collaborates with Operations, Tooling Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Maintenance, and Quality to solve manufacturing problems and create improvements.
  • All of the above to be performed while maintaining and improving product quality and personnel safety.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned to meet the needs of the business.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years on the job experience as a Controls Engineer or related field or equivalent combination of relevant education and work that will allow successful performance of job expectations.
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or related field.
  • Must be a US Citizen.


  • Good attendance and performance work history.
  • Must have his/her own tools.
  • Must have the ability and willingness to work off hours as needed/required basis in order to complete work in process and communicate with other shifts.
  • Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills to drive tasks to completion.
  • Able to handle multiple priorities and work well under pressure.
  • Ability to communicate accurately and comfortably with all levels of management.
  • Must be able to efficiently and accurately create, read, and interpret engineering drawings.
  • Motivated self-starter that is able to productively work alone and in groups to solve problems.
  • Must have demonstrated competence in automated systems and controls design, implementation, programming, troubleshooting, and repair.
  • Experience drawing with AutoCad 2D.


To exercise overall supervision of all employees on the shift.  Lead the effort of the shift to maximize output of quality products at minimum costs. Supervise other plant departments including cold form, tool room and shipping during nighttime hours and weekends.


·        Supervisor must be an example for following the Beliefs and Values of Tulip Molded Plastics Corporation.

·        Safety is our overriding priority.  If a hazardous situation exists then take action to remedy the hazardous situation as quickly as possible and then return to production.

·        Follow and enforce all safety rules and regulations. Review work areas for safety compliance and safe work conditions.  Investigate, document, and report each and all safety incidents and near misses according to policy before leaving at the end of your shift.

·        When enforcing policies, procedures, attendance, or work and safety rules:

If there is a potential violation you have witnessed, use and complete the Work and Safety Rule Infraction Form.  If you did not witness and it was reported to you use the Performance Incident Report Form.

For all investigations, secure evidence such as the part, a label, a non-conforming material report, etc.  For all investigations that could lead to discipline have a steward present if requested. When issuing discipline have steward present.

·        Ensure all employees are correctly wearing and using all required Personal Protective Equipment.  Track PPE usage as required.

·        Insure that employees understand expectations about their attendance, performance, and adherence to work instructions, working safely, and avoiding injury.  Help employees who are not meeting standards to improve to 100% of minimum expectations. Use the Supervisor Training Talk and Counseling Form.

·        Assign all employees to the jobs they are to perform for the shift.  This to include all direct and indirect labor employees.  Explain and teach employees what they need to do to perform their assigned job.

·        Provide employees with the tools and paperwork required for them to perform their job correctly.

·        Monitor all activities of the shift to maximize material and labor utilization.  Minimize scrap in molding, assembly, grinding and rework. Responsible for achieving company expectations regarding set up and run time, equal to or better than set standards. Also monitor and maintain all standard molding efficiencies and ensure the highest number of good parts are produced with the available personnel. Record and monitor all press cycle times.

·        Take all phone calls / messages from any Tulip employees that are calling in to miss work.  All employee calls taken must be communicated to the employee’s direct supervisor and the HR department.  When reporting call in include employee, time of call, and reason for absence.  Report to HR all late arrivals and early leaves.

·        Communicate with Supervisor from the previous shift and review production schedule,changeover schedule, and issues from the previous shift.

·        Complete all daily production paperwork and time cards for accuracy and turn in all required documents before leaving for the day.

·        Ensure all employees are doing the jobs correctly and safely.  This includes all operators running container presses are dielectric testing and performing the test correctly, operators are recording downtime and scrap correctly, operators are completing all required quality checks, and operators are completing their production paperwork and job cards correctly.

·        Make sure all jobs running are being done so to the bill of materials.  This includes the correct materials, regrind,additives, terminals, fixtures, packaging, and labels.

·        Train all direct reports as to their responsibilities. Follow orientation and training guidelines.  Complete required documentation on a weekly basis

·        Administer performance reviews and coach all personnel to improve individual performance.  This to include evaluations of new hire employees as they are being trained and prior to hire.

·        Continuously monitor all injection molding presses for nozzle leaks.

·        Ensure all jobs running have an approved first shot approval and signed deviation when applicable.

·        Make routine checks of readings on silos to monitor material levels.

·        Complete all QA checks as required.

·        Monitor box counts on all presses.

·        Participate in scrap review process and complete projects are requested.

·        Work with HR on approval and coverage of employee vacations.

·        Print Bill of Materials and labels as needed to support production.

·        Propose and implement improvements that will reduce product cost, increase output,increase machine up time, decrease expense, and provide a better and safer work environment.

·        Involve employees in investigating and solving customer, operational and safety issues.

·        Responsible for general housekeeping, organization of material/equipment and product flow.  This to include house keeping project assigned by Site Manager.

·        Responsible for employee behavior, morale, and the well-being of employees on the shift.Administer company rules, policies and procedures.

·        Attend all Production Meetings as required by Production Manager and present production status material as requested.

·        Attend all Management meetings, safety committee meetings, and all employee meetings as required by upper management.

·        Follow all ISO 9001 requirements, implement changes as they are updated.

·        This list of “responsibilities” may be added to or subtracted from as best meets the needs of the business.



·  Minimum five (5) years of experience as a Production Supervisor or Manager in a manufacturing environment.

·  High school diploma or GED equivalent.

·  Good attendance and performance work history.

·  Motivated self-starter that is able to productively work alone and in groups to solve problems.

·  Must have and exhibit strong leadership and problem solving skills.

·  Must be fluent with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

·  Must complete a Lock Out/Tag Out training program.

·  Must have the ability and willingness to work overtime on an as needed/required basis in order to complete work in process and communicate with other shifts.

·  Good personal interaction and communication skills to influence peers and direct reports.


Niagara Falls

Quality Control Inspector 

Tulip Richardson Manufacturing – Niagara Falls, NY



Responsible for the production of quality parts that meet andexceed the customer’s specifications and expectations. This is accomplished byworking in cooperation with all machine operators and Production Supervisors.


·        Responsible for following standardized workday for all tasks andactivities.

·        Ensures all production lines are producing products that meet orexceed all customer specifications and requirements.

·        Will make rounds on the manufacturing floor auditing and inspecting parts.

·        Audits and inspections to be done according to control plans.

·        Creation of Non-Conforming Tags as required.

·        Follows and complies with all Department Work Instructions.

·        Coaching machine operators on producing quality parts when necessary.

·        Complete all required inspection documentation.

·        Attend all Management meetings, safety committee meetings, and all employee meetings as required by upper management.

·        Follow all ISO 9001 requirements, help implement changes as they are updated.


·        High school diploma or GED equivalent.

·        Fluent with engineering blueprint reading.

·        Must be able to use measuring instruments such as caliper, height gage, dividers and micrometers.