SLI Plastic Battery Vents

Tulip has a complete line of pod and manifold vents to fit various styles of batteries as listed in the Tulip literature.



  • The pod type vents all come with a flame retarding frit in the vent and are tested to the current SAE specification (J-1495) for these vents.
  • The labels that are applicable to these vents include the following warnings. Refer to the reverse side for label information: Danger/Poison Flush Eyes Danger/Poison with Flush Eyes Plain
  • All pods are low profile, short barrel type with the variation in the barrel center line dimension and in the barrel diameter. All are available plain, without any information.
  • Variations include: D=Danger P=Poison J=Jump L=Locking B=Blank
  • All dimensions are in inches.


  • Manifold vents are made to fit the vent openings for specific group size of batteries. They are designed to provide a flat top look for the battery and can vent from either end of the manifold.
  • A plug is provided for one end of the manifold as required.
  • All dimensions are in inches.

POD Type Vents

POD Type Length Width Height w/o Barrel PLAINHeight w/o Barrel GRAPHIC Centerline Barrel Diameter Graphic Variation

Manifold Vents - These are made for a specific battery group size

Group Type Length Width Height w/o Barrel Variations