SLI Plastic Battery Covers


  • The information provided is for general design purposes. Please contact Tulip for additional information, Product Sheets or Product Drawings:
  • MF after the group size means that it is a manifold cover. The manifold covers are more fully described in the individual Product Sheets. If the description includes MF/P, this battery can have a sunken pod or the manifold system.
  • All dimension are in inches.

Plastic SLI Covers

Group SizeLengthWidthOverall HeightVent CapBushingOptions
229.0066.5801.138Pod 8
229.0166.6001.638Pod 81
22NF8.9945.4501.368Pod 81
24/24F10.2116.5811.138Pod 71
24/24F10.2166.5781.490Pod 71A,S
24 Manifold10.2116.6601.598Manifold1A, CI, H
24 Sunken Pod10.2116.6601.598Pod 71A,CI, H
24M10.2116.5810.825Pod 71, 2, 4C
24M10.2166.5782.527Pod 71, 4A, O, S
24M Manifold10.2116.6601.598Manifold 1A, CI, H
24M Sunken Pod10.2116.6601.598Pod 71, 4A, CI, H, M
25 Manifold9.0306.6001.538Manifold 1A, CI, H
25 Sunken Pod9.0306.6001.538Pod 81A, CI, H
26/26R8.1546.5961.138Pod 51
26/26R8.1506.5961.378Pod 51
26 Manifold8.1346.5701.598Manifold1A, CI, H
26 Sunken Pod8.1346.5701.598Pod 51A, CI, H
27/27F12.0306.5811.138Pod 71A
27/27F12.0576.5871.490Pod 71A, S
27/27F12.0406.6001.638Pod 71A, S
27/27F12.0406.6001.325Pod 71, 2A, S
27M12.0306.5810.825Pod 72CI
27M12.0576.5871.177Pod 72, 3A, S
27M12.0576.5872.547Pod 73A, S
34 (24)Use Group 24 Covers
34 ManifoldUse Group 24 Manifold Covers
34 Sunken PodUse Group 24 Sunken Pod Covers
35Use Group 22F Covers
35 Manifold9.0306.6001.538Manifold1A, CI, H
35 Sunken Pod9.0306.6001.538Pod 81A, CI, H
4111.4826.7521.430Manifold 411A
42/42R9.3726.7501.308Pod 81
45(22NF)Use Group 22NF Covers
47Use Group 42 Covers
48/48R/9110.6006.8001.417Manifold 481A
51/51R Manifold9.3104.9501.488Manifold1A, H
51/51R Sunken Pod9.3104.9501.488Pod 81A
558.5105.6961.380Pod 51
558.5045.6801.138Pod 51
58/58R9.2906.8701.338Pod 81
58/58R9.3006.8801.338Pod 81
628.7606.2801.268Pod 81
628.7546.2741.140Pod 81
6310.0986.3461.223Pod 631
6411.5636.3461.223Pod 71
6411.5636.3461.321Pod 71
6511.2677.4201.268Pod 71
6511.2677.4201.268Pod 71
708.1546.5960.580Pod 56
708.1546.5960.330Pod 56
708.1506.5960.570Pod 56
708.1506.5960.820Pod 56
70 Manifold8.1346.5700.790Manifold6A, CI, H
70 Sunken Pod8.1346.5700.790Pod 56A, CI, H
7410.2116.5810.330Pod 76A
7410.2116.5810.580Pod 76
7410.2166.5780.682Pod 76A, S
7410.2086.5800.870Pod 76S
7410.2366.6081.080Pod 76S
74 Manifold10.2116.6000.790Manifold6A, CI, H
74 Sunken Pod10.2116.6000.790Pod 76A, CI, H
75 Manifold9.0306.6000.790Manifold6A, CI, H
75 Sunken Pod9.0306.6000.790Pod 86A, CI, H
78Use Group 74 Covers
78 Manifold10.2116.6000.790Manifold6A, CI, H
78 Sunken Pod10.2116.6000.790Pod 76A, CI, H
85 ManifoldUse Group 35 Manifold Covers
85 Sunken Pod Use Group 35 Sunken Pod Covers
86 ManifoldUse Group 25 Manifold Covers
86 Sunken Pod Use Group 25 Sunken Pod Covers
90Use Group 42 Covers