Industrial / Motive Power Battery Terminals

Tulip's cold form terminals provide a consistent uniform density throughout post burning operations and have virtually eliminated spitting and sputtering. Additionally, Tulip terminals have contributed to lower maintenance costs with customer's post burning machines. Our cold form terminal manufacturing process eliminates porous surfaces to prevent acid type corrosion's.

With patented technology, Tulip offers our SuperLock cold form terminals to both battery manufactures and independent molders. Our SuperLock seal, along with our lug design, provides extraordinary sealing and torque values.

From design, to prototype, to high production requirements, Tulip can assist you with your terminal needs from our standard product line or your own proprietary design.   


Product Family Terminals Positive/ NegativePart Number Material Available with SuperLock
Commercial Auto BurnPositive72370Pb - 3% AntimonyYES
CommercialAuto BurnNegative72380Pb - 3% AntimonyYES
CommercialHeavy Duty OversizeStandard79100Pb - 3% AntimonyNO
General IndustryHigh TechPositive 79080Pb - 3% Antimony NO
General IndustryHigh TechNegative79090Pb - 3% Antimony NO
General IndustryHigh TechPositive70980Pb - 3% AntimonyYES
General IndustryHigh TechNegative70990Pb - 3% AntimonyYES
General IndustrySpecial ApplicationStandard79070Pb - 3% Antimony NO
General IndustrySuperLock High Output Positive 72470Pb - 3% Antimony YES
General IndustrySuperLock High Output Negative72480Pb - 3% Antimony YES
General Industry3/4 inch CommericalStandard72140Pb - 3% Antimony YES
General Industry3/4 inch CommericalStandard72720Pb - 3% Antimony YES
IndustrialIndustrial JarStandard72090Pb - 3% AntimonyYES
UTSpecial Golf CarPositive 74230Pb - 3% Antimony YES
UTSpecial Golf CarNegative74240Pb - 3% Antimony YES