Water Containers

Bottle water companies and distributors across North America have come to rely on the Tulip water crates proven design to deliver their bottled water. Injection molded from high density polyethylene with UV stabilizers and/or environmentally friendly post consumer feed stock with resin stabilizers and modifiers for durable, long lasting performance. 

Water Crates

Size Length Width Height Color Quantity
3 Gallon11.90 inches 11.90 inches 9.60 inchesAll colors available upon request Special order - Minimum qty
5 Gallon11.90 inches 11.90 inches 15.60 inchesBlue - in stock All quantities available - 77 crates per pallet
5 Gallon11.90 inches 11.90 inches 15.60 inchesAll colors available upon request Minimum quantities may apply

3 and 5 Gallon Water Crates

Features Benefits
Bottle Neck InterlockImproves stability during transportation and warehousing.
Circular Locking Lugs Provides for stable stacking and is compatible with other designs
Brand Panel Your logo can be hot stamped or molded with raised letters
Hexagon Rib PatternProvides Superior strength in addition to label visibility
45 Degree Full Depth Reinforced Corners Struts Adds extra strength and rigidity to corners